The Finding Her Series

Rather than “Finding Her” being one huge publication, Author, Katie Seilhamer envisioned a more effective way to attract her audience by reaching busy women facing various struggles in all aspects of life one topic at a time. Here’s what she has to say about her journey:

“Not all of us are Moms. We’re not all married. We’re not all experiencing major loss. The concept of creating an entire series of short topics, around 50 pages or less [per publication] allows each of us to grow in the seasons we’re in. To be honest, I’m still learning from the series. I’m still learning for the Lord and taking His advice and applying it to my life even today. This series is alive because The Word is alive! My ultimate prayer for the series is that it leads women back to the Lord, and helps them to see that there is so much to learn as Christian women. I want us to grow together. I want women to see that our potential is not influenced by the world around us. We were created by God to be messengers, teachers, nurturers, lovers, and empowered. It’s time we find her. It’s time we find that woman God created us to be in this world, and be her like crazy!”         

Book ONE of the Finding Her Series, Finding Her through Him, is all about Finding the Women We’re Meant to through Jesus Christ.

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“It’s all about what’s at our core. We need to find our foundation; our starting point. The point of origin where all things flow. That’s in Jesus. It’s only fitting that Jesus be the first book. I haven’t always been a writer. In fact, I had a blog I’d only used in my spare time that had a whopping 15 posts over the course of five years. The calling to write this Series is straight from the Lord. With no college degree, and out of the workforce since 2011, It’s been difficult even believing in myself enough to make this happen. With my faith as small as a mustard seed, God brought me abundantly beyond even my wildest dreams. His Word is the Truth that I took for granted. I’ve seen what He can do for little ole’ me when I answered His calling, and if He’d do it for me, He can certainly do it for everyone else. We just need to know where to start. That’s where I feel God sent me. To be that woman to share His message and help others to step boldly into a new life and foundation in Him.” 

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Book TWO of the Finding Her Series, Finding Her through Loss, is about embracing loss after losing someone you love. Katie shares her personal struggle to overcome the loss of both her parents before she turned 30. She also opens up about a miscarriage and a huge failure she endured that she says resulted in losing a side of herself she’ll never get back.

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“At 30, I’ve endured more than many women around me. And if not, I’m possibly one of the only women willing to talk about it. I’m not afraid to admit how messy, hard or sad life can be and how flawed I am. Today, I think too many influences around us promote that motherhood, marriage, and even the Christian Community should be perfect. My mission is to prove to all women that that misconception is a huge stretch of the truth! Finding Her through Loss was extremely difficult for me to write, and to be frank, I finished it six months before I was willing to publish it because it would reveal a side of me I’ve never shared. This book made me vulnerable in so many ways, I’ve literally been afraid of it. What’s crazy is I had to get out of the way and realize God wanted me to share it because it’s meant for someone else. It’s made to help someone else heal. The entire Finding Her Series is bigger than me. I’m just the facilitator.”

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Book Three, Finding Her On Purpose, is redefining who we are and helping us step into a new chapter of our lives; opening a door to a new side of ourselves we never knew existed and finding that purpose God designed for us.

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“Finding Her on Purpose is probably the one i’m most excited about. Don’t get me wrong, books one and two have changed my life and even the lives of my readers. But three just might change the world. I’m not saying that to be cocky, I’m saying it because it’s all about what we do AFTER we’ve built our foundation, and overcome loss or failure. This is the book we’re re-writing the story we “thought” we’d have. We’re going on a Her-Hunt! We’re reflecting on the past, analyzing the present, and placing ourselves in a beautiful position for God to orchestrate the future He designed us for. We’re literally hunting her. We’re learning who God says we are, but most importantly, we’re learning our purpose and how to live it out.

I’m doing something a little different with this one because it’s going to involve so much self-reflection and empowerment. [Finding Her] On Purpose will include lots of resources, like a 4-week Bible Study and video series. is also going to be hosting a leadership video series to help empower women to host the 4-week study in small groups all around the world. It’s a game changer for the Finding Her Series for sure.” 

Finding Her On Purpose will be available for purchase on Amazon in 2020.

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