“Finding Her” formed when Wife and Mom of four, Katie Seilhamer, realized she wasn’t reaching her full potential. Not only was she seeing this in herself, but as a leader in women’s ministry, she was witnessing this unfold in women all around her.

“The moment we believe in God, and choose to follow Jesus, that’s just the beginning. We’re only scratching the surface. There’s so much more. God transforms our lives, but only when we give it over to Him. What does that look like? I’ve seen countless women that have been Christians for decades, but they’ve never fully surrendered their lives over to the Lord. This is my passion. I’ve spent time digging deeper in the Word, building my relationship with God, and I’ve grown tremendously. I realized my belief wasn’t stronger than my unbelief until I surrendered to Him. It’s not enough to just believe.

Today, my mission is helping other women find the “her” God designed them to be, and teach them to be intentional about it. There are too many “On-The-Surface Christians” in our world today, but God designed us to be His disciples. We’re failing Him. We can Find Her. We can Be Her. We can chase after the best version of ourselves forever. My prayer is that Finding Her creates a new movement of empowerment, encouragement and an everlasting relationship with God.” – Katie Seilhamer

Katie is the Author of the Finding Her Series, and can be purchased through Amazon. To find out more, click here.