Mama’s Quick Devos

Katie Seilhamer, Author of the Finding Her Series, published a 14-day Devotional for Moms. This quick read was designed for Mothers to read in just five minutes or less,  but to also have a big impact.


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“We can learn a lot about ourselves in just five minutes. We also learn a lot through influence. Mama’s Quick Devos is for women to be influenced by an imperfect, Jesus-loving Mama just willing to share how God brought her through some tough trials aka MOTHERHOOD.

We’re so negatively impacted by mom-shaming, and the fact that our form of parenting has to be put into a box, like breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, staying at home vs working, homeschool vs public school and so on. Being a mother isn’t about any of that. It’s about raising children to be the best they can be, and letting your kids learn from your triumphs and failures. Letting them see you cry and fail are actually great things as a mother. If we portray perfect motherhood, we’re ruining the next generation. My visions for Mama’s Quick Devos was to show that this journey has no perfect way. But, through our perfect Lord, motherhood can be the best part of us.”

-Katie Seilhamer

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