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Tips to Making “the Connection” in Women’s Ministry!

I’m always encouraging ladies to join local women’s ministry projects in their communities. Being part of something bigger than yourself, building new friendships, and growing in Christ are all essential tools for Christian women.

Here’s what I recommend you look for in a Women’s Ministry:
1. Friendship/Fellowship – Spending time with like-minded women and learning from one another creates such a welcoming atmosphere for you to open up about your struggles, and how God is working in your life. There have been times I couldn’t turn to friends or family outside the Church because I feared I would be judged so harshly, but to find a group of women willing to show you grace, and hold your hand while you overcome your struggles can not only change your outlook on your current circumstances, but can transform your entire life!
2. Service – You want to find a group of women living out the Gospel. Women that are dedicated to serving in their communities and being a positive influence on others, especially women passionate about sharing Jesus. Each ministry can have a different mission based on the calling, but all of them should have the same goal to glorify God.
3. Consistency – You want women investing in each other and in the community on a regular basis. Why? Because women’s ministry is about consistently working for the Lord. Occasionally hosting or attending one event is lovely and can make an impact— but you want to be involved regularly. You want to be dedicated to a higher calling and with that, requires a consistent effort. Examples could be social gatherings, bible studies, training events, women’s conferences, and serving in the community.
4. Women Who Pray – It wouldn’t be a ministry without a passionate group of women praying for not only their mission, but for everyone. If you’re involved with a group of women that help you through struggles but aren’t praying for you—it’s likely more of a girl-tribe. That’s okay– but it’s not a ministry, so make sure you are aware of the difference.
There’s an amazing new ministry in my community that I’m honored to share with you! I strongly recommend this group of women because of their influence, their service, and their passion. Even if you’re not in my immediate area, this ministry is a perfect example of the kind of ministry you should look for in your community!


Click here to read their blog and calendar. 

Find the Connection on Facebook.

TC info


Here’s what’s happening at the Connection this month:

TC May Events

The Connection meets regularly, offering different time frames to satisfy everyone’s hectic schedules. 

Grab a scoop!

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