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How to Choose the Best Accountability Partner

So, you’ve accepted a new challenge and need a partner to hold you accountable, eh? I recently signed up for a book study with a local women’s group in my community. Part of this study was our responsibility to find an Accountability Partner.

[This reminds me of those days in grade school when our teachers made us work in groups. BLEGH! As an adult, it seems the proper term for “work in groups” is to find “Accountability Partners.”]

When we’re told to find someone to keep us in check, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Often, we pick the safe person, like our lifelong best friends, or even our mother or sister. But they’ve been part of your life for a long time and you’re still in the rut you’re in, aren’t you?

Choosing the best partner fit for your challenge is half the battle itself. Here’s some tips to help you find the right fit for your upcoming journey, whatever it is:

  1. Choose someone CONSISTENT. You want a girl that’s not going to quit on you halfway through. Make sure she’s putting things aside in her life to make your partnership a priority.
  2. Choose someone willing to MEET YOU WHERE YOU’RE AT. If you’re needing a gym buddy, it would be appropriate to choose a girl willing to start at your pace and work up together. In the sense of a bible study or even a college course you’re embarking on, make sure your AP (Accountability Partner) can stay on your level, even if she has more experience than you.
  3. Choose someone LIKE-MINDED. Make sure you connect in more ways than just doing this one thing together. If there are lots of differences between you, that can be a good thing—Just be sure you two can find balance in your journey.
  4. Choose someone HONEST. You want a person willing to tell you what you need to hear, without being condescending. A woman willing to build you up and help you tackle those times you’re not at your best. Stay away from someone that constantly sugar coats the truth, or isn’t bold enough to say it to you directly.
  5. Choose someone UNAFRAID TO LISTEN AND RESPOND when the going gets tough. In those hard moments when you want to just quit, you need an AP willing to sit and listen, then help you brainstorm ways to bounce back.

Lastly, find someone you’re willing to be all of this to. After all, it’s a partnership, which means she needs you to be all these things for her, also.

Many of our best battles end in us learning powerful life lessons. We can learn things about ourselves we never knew, but it will require stepping OUT of our comfort zones and trying something new, or possibly hard.

Our safe people and places can be where we turn when we fail, but when you’re building something big and new, step into a new confidence and find a woman willing to hold you accountable in this new stage of life. You can be brave and bold conquerors together!

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