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Six Ways to Build Your Testimony


What’s your story? It’s important we know not only what God has done in our lives, but how we can use that story of redemption to share with others. Jesus Christ died on a cross so we may have a chance to live eternal life in heaven, outside of sin. What a beautiful story. For every Christian, there was a turning point in our lives where we chose to believe that God is who He says He is and that He sent His son to die for our sin. We took the time to confess our sin, and seek forgiveness from the Lord. This is our Salvation Story. 

Our Salvation Story AKA Our Testimony is a big deal among Christians. We each share a different version. Where we were before our salvation, versus where we are today vary for each of us. No two stories are the same. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to share our testimonies with the world.

But, how? When?

Here are Six Ways to Help you Build your Testimony:

1.When in doubt, Pray. 

Prayer works, y’all. We are often put in positions that get awkward fast. We could be talking to a friend and feel like maybe now is the time to share part of your story with them, but because you’re not sure what to say, you just get quiet and the conversation goes sour. In moments like this, The Holy Spirit inside of you can help you with the words you need. After all, as Christians, we’re really just planting seeds in the Lord’s garden aren’t we? Therefore, let Him do the big work on your friend’s heart. You stick to what you know; your personal encounter. Let God do the rest.

2. Actions always speak louder than words. 

People notice the way we live, especially in our society today. If you lived one way before you were saved, but today, live an entirely different life, people will notice. Your lifestyle, those in your inner circle, and the way you treat others are all important to God, and should also be important to you. We should be making better choices as we grow in our faith. When we do, people often ask what prompted our change. This is an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus. It puts us in a position to plant a seed in someone else’s heart and allow them to see what a mighty, faithful and loving God we serve.

3. Open hearts, only.

We should never be pushy about our faith with others, especially non-believers. Sure, growing God’s kingdom is amazing, but sometimes, if the message is too much, too fast, you will push them away entirely. This can even hurt their relationship with the Lord more than help it. Timing is important. We need to strive to share our testimonies when we feel led with those that have hearts open and willing to hear it.

4. Give the Glory to God.

Our Salvation stories explain how we once were _________, but now we are ____________. How did that happen? Jesus. We cannot and should not take full credit for our own spiritual growth. Through God’s grace and love for each of us, we are new in Christ. It’s not just a “piece” of the story. It is the story. 

5. Be confident in your testimony.

Many women today tell me their story isn’t powerful enough. “It’s too typical,” she’d say. Or “It’s not entertaining enough to share.” Yes it is. God moves mountains. He works miracles. He not only saves, but redeems AND restores. There is SOMETHING in your life that God has brought you through that you can share when the opportunity presents itself. Take time to sit down and craft the most powerful part of your story to form a message of hope for someone to hear. Your version may be just what they need to hear to finally have a breakthrough for themselves.

6. Use your gifts.

Each of us are born with strengths we naturally excel in. When we use those gifts to serve the Lord, we open doors we never imagined. An entire realm of opportunity opens up for us to share the Gospel, along with our personal testimonies with a special confidence we didn’t know existed.


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