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How to Start Reading Your Bible Today

The most common complaint I hear from Christian Women is that they’re not where they want to be with their Bible knowledge. When I ask why, 90% say, “I don’t even know where to begin.” Okay, let’s begin here.

1. Be Intentional.

The best practice is to get on a routine. If reading your Bible is most convenient for you in the mornings, great! If not, try before bed time. Your lunch break? Whatever the case may be, schedule a time throughout your day to do some type of Bible time.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. In fact, if that seems to become a trend, then only be intentional about Bible reading 3-4 times per week.  It’s more important to be consistently trying than to quit entirely.

2. Pray for Guidance.

When you don’t know what God wants you to hear, ask Him. Pray for God to guide you through His Word, pointing out the things you need to hear in the season of your life. He may not answer you today,  but He will on His own time.

3. Make sure you have a Bible you can understand.

This is so important! Just because Suzy next door has a traditional KJV doesn’t mean you should, too. Especially if you have a hard time understanding it. Find a Bible you can read easily, that will allow you to fully grasp the message.

4. Know the Gospel first!

It’s not really a great idea to open your Bible to any random page and start reading. You won’t experience the kind of growth right off the bat, like you could if you prioritized. For instance, the most important part of the Bible is the Gospel. The moment Jesus was born all the way through His resurrection is the soul purpose of Christianity. As followers of Jesus, we should know this story best. If you’re looking for a great place to start, I highly recommend starting with the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.)

5. Study a Person or Story. 

Once you’re familiar with the Gospel, start digging into some of the people God called upon to build His kingdom. Just like children learn in Sunday School, start learning some of the bigger stories of the Bible like Noah, Jonah, or David and Goliath. Break them apart piece by piece, learn the context around the stories and find how you can apply their encounters to your own life.

6. Build a Community.

When I began learning my Bible, I became a sponge. I was soaking up every ounce of information I could. This led to me having a lot of questions. I’m grateful I had a wonderful community of women I could contact to answer them for me. Sure, some questions you can take to God. Some, you can research on your own, but often, hearing your mentor’s perspective can be life-changing because it’s personal and convicting. I learned more from my women’s group, than I learned about Godly women anywhere else. It was real. It was raw. It was what I needed.



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