Power Mom Inspires her Family Through Faith, Fitness and Healthy Eating.

This January, MOMentum is kicking off 2019 with Raeann Reid. She’s what I call a “Power Mom.” She’s into fitness and healthy cooking. She works from home as both a Beachbody coach and Hairdresser. She’s an amazing inspiration!

We asked Raeann to define the word “Momentum” and then asked her if she’s the momentum behind her family. She says, “By definition, momentum is the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. As a woman of God, a wife, mom and entrepreneur, I am pulled in tons of directions. But deep in my heart, God gave me the desire to be others best encourager. I want my family to have the strength they need to continue to grow into who God has made them to be. I am the glue that holds all the pieces in our family together, BUT I also have to give credit to my hubby. We function very well as a team, no one person is more important. On days that I don’t have it all together, he picks up. Our teamwork helps to make our family strong.”

Raeann boldly admitted that she has many life struggles. “Worry has been a life-long battle in dealing with my mind. And change, specifically the death of our son and other loved ones. I don’t sugar coat things, life can be HARD. And everyone has their own hard. Everything in this world is constantly changing… kids growing up, technology, and people. A lot of times I want to ‘hang on’ to what is comfortable because it’s what I know. But I’ve found that little by little, God helps me to take the next steps in my life journey. Each day choosing to renew my mind and exercise translates into the rest of my day with whatever I encounter. Every little step prepares me for the next bigger steps.”

“My biggest accomplishment was learning to cook and try new things. I didn’t grow up with a Mom that loved to cook, in fact she hated it. Therefore I really never had the desire to learn… until a few years ago. We started our marriage on every flavor of Hamburger Helper. But as the years passed, I wanted to ‘work on’ our health and pushed my fears of messing up and maybe not liking new things aside. Now our family tries everything and have found great joy eating a healthy balanced meal sitting around the table together,” says Raeann.

When asked who is her inspiration, she said her family. “I was very close to my Grandparents my whole life. I spent my childhood visiting them at least once a week and even after I was married continued spending lots of time with them. They have passed away now, but left a great Godly legacy. I treasure the memories I have of many talks around ice cream and cups of hot tea. They taught me much over the years.

Also Anessa and Carter, our teens, are my inspiration. Anessa sets her mind to something and doesn’t let anything stop her. And Carter has a huge tender heart, always wanting to make me and others smile.”

Her passion? “I am passionate about health and fitness for sure, but it goes deeper than that. It’s not just about what you look like on the outside, but what’s going on inside as well. So many might look great on the outside, but their heart and insides are all messed up. Or even overweight herebecause of the yuck inside they aren’t willing to work through. I want people to know they are loved, valued and treasured. I want others to know they are worth it… spiritually, physically, and emotionally because it all fits together to make each person a masterpiece,” said Raeann.

When we asked Raeann what kind of impact she has on others, she said, “As a wife & mom, my cooking for sure has made an impact. Not only do we as a family enjoy our meals together, we have learned that the time is precious. We have learned that even if we don’t care for something, how to be thankful and kind anyways. We have tried new things and gained confidence for greater things. Yes, this affects our here & now, but it will affect our kids when they go to college and have to make choices on their own. It then will translate into their homes with how they treat their spouses one day.”

“With losing our son, I learned very quickly that you don’t have control over everything. As the years have passed with Anessa & Carter, I am not called to keep them in bubble wrap, but to teach them to thrive and not just survive this world. It’s my job to be intentional so that when they leave home they can look at the ‘little things’ they learned that translated into bigger things, which gave them even more confidence to go out and be the light in this dark world. I loved when our kids were little and I love this teen season too. Every growing step I looked at it as a way to help me prepare them, but for me as well, to let go a little bit more and allow God to mold & shape us all,” said Raeann.

What did life look like 5 Years ago for Raeann? “God was just getting into ‘the good stuff’. Now don’t get me wrong, God has always been a part of my life and our family. But as the years have passed, I NEVER dreamed I would LOVE being in my kitchen. I never dreamed I would have the best kids in the world (all families have their ups & downs). Our experiences good & bad, the changes we have made over the years, and even the down times, have taught us to love a little more, treasure our time, and just to keep going.”

Raeann says, “In another 5 years, I want to BE the woman God wants me to be. Instead of checking things off a box, I want to continue ‘slowing down’ to see what He wants. We can so easily get caught up in all the hustle that we miss so much. I want to continue digging a littler deeper inside myself and continue looking to Him to heal the hurts that I have. We are like puzzle pieces and I know I couldn’t handle everything all at once… so piece by piece, He gives and takes away just to refine me even more.”

“The best version of me will never be complete until Heaven. I am always a work in progress. Physically, I want to continue exercising because it’s great for my health and my mental state. This alone has taught me endurance, perseverance and strength. Mentally, I must continue to renew my mind, but not just with any-ole thing that can be thrown at you, but with truth. And spiritually, that I continue to be who He created me to be, to inspire and encourage others so they will know they are loved.”

As a natural go-to for January, as we all begin resolutions, I asked Raeann to shed some light into her healthy lifestyle. Like many of us Moms struggling to find the healthier parts in us, Raeann was once in our shoes, too, but something for her finally changed. She took action. It was real and hard, but her faith in God was an essential tool to build this life for her and her family. I’m completely inspired by Raeann and her willingness to learn and grow into this amazing Mom and woman who is now coaching women to do the same. You can join Raeann’s Facebook group here and follow her incredible journey on Instagram here.

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