MOMentum: Homeschool MOMpreneur Sets the Bar High for Her Family; Sees Amazing Results

September’s Featured MOM is Delaney Foster of Eustis, FL. She is a Homeschool Mom of 6, currently the Interim Choir Director and Worship Leader for Grand Island Baptist Church, and successful Advocare coach, which she oversees alongside her husband, Gary. Despite her hectic lifestyle, Delaney is always a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. As our Featured Mom, I was given the privilege of interviewing Delaney, getting a big glimpse into her crazy, yet firmly planted life.

Delaney’s definition of MOMENTUM is “Getting the ball rolling and then keeping it rolling. Keeping it rolling is the hardest part on the face of this planet, especially as a mom because I’m getting pulled 10,000 different ways, so every time I have to stop and put my focus on something else, I feel like the momentum stops in the area that I was previously on, so being able to keep the ball rolling in any given area in my life is a real success for me.”

When asked about her passions, her top 3 were God, marriage and “My role as a Mom, Mother, Mommy and everything that entails. Anyone can be a mother. All you have to do is give birth to a child (or adopt) and boom you’re a mom, but I think there’s more to it required to take the title“Mommy.” I try very hard to fulfill that role. So, for example, when it comes to Schoolwork, as a Home school Mom I want to Help them with their work. I want them to know they can come to me and know I will put in the time- because kids spell LOVE as T-I-M-E. So that has been extremely important to me.”

I have been so inspired by Delaney and her views on faith and family. Her “glass half full” personality has always drawn me to her as a friend and I’m so fascinated about what makes her the woman she is. When asked who inspires Delaney, she said, “It’s extremely difficult to pinpoint just one person I’m inspired by daily because I look for inspiration everywhere I am and every where I go. So, the people who give me the most inspiration are people who give unbelievable amounts of grace. People who are overwhelmingly grateful for the things in their life. People who are consistent. people who –Their YES is always their YES. People who go outside their comfort zone on a regular basis and get things done. People who make commitments and stick to them. People who are not wavered by naysayers when they have a goal; Goal oriented people. People who keep their priorities in order with God at the forefront, and their spouse second, their children third. These are people I’m inspired by daily.”

Taking a step back, reflecting on where she was five years ago, Delaney says she could not picture where she would be to an extent, “I knew where I wanted to be. 5 years ago, is the first time I actually started writing down goals for my life. What I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to be, disciplines I wanted to put into action as a better mom, wife and friend. I did have a vision of where I wanted to be, and I have accomplished most of those things. So Yes, I could visualize it. Did I think it would happen? NO. I didn’t. I didn’t have the belief yet, but I did have the vision. Consistently going toward those goals.  Now, 5 years later I can look up and say ‘Gosh,I did it!’ Now that it has happened, results breed more belief and today as I make my goals for the next 5 years, I can visualize myself there better and believe I can do it.”

One of the biggest passions I push with Finding Her is that we’re discovering the best version of ourselves and chasing after “Her.”Delaney said, “It’s funny because I want to jump to a physical version of myself. I’m not going to start there because I think the physical will happen when the mental is there.  I would read daily without exception. My Bible, self-help books, anything that will help me grow in every aspect of my life. I would be a good listener. I would point others to Christ in conversation, through my smile; I want people to see Jesus in me and want what I have in that regard. I would be extremely goal oriented and organized enough to be in a consistent pursuit of my heart’s desires and I’d have the ability to inspire others to also be the best version of themselves.”

I so love Delaney, and everything she stands for. I have a very small group of women I look to for advice that I can trust will always give me an honest and Godly answer to my trials and Delaney is one of those women for me. This girl is going places! She’s paving the way to leaving a great legacy for her children. She’s impacting women around her and her community as a whole. Having this opportunity to dig deeper with Delaney, I’ve discovered this extraordinary thing about her. She doesn’t realize this woman she’s chasing after is a woman I can see in her walk today.  Every one of her desires doesn’t require a huge bank account or fancy degree. It requires the things a little harder to obtain, like self-control and humility. Like a loving heart and dedication. If you’re chasing fame or fortune as the best version of YOU,you’re heading in a direction you will most likely not be fully satisfied in the results. Chase the woman that makes you a better person!

FOLLOW Delaney! She recently began blogging and making some big moves as a woman in Christ. See more at www.championmomma.wordpress.com

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