My Soul > My Things

The last couple months of my life have been nothing but making hard decisions and letting go. Not only were we saying good-bye to the two closest people to my husband and I, we were put in charge of dealing with their belongings; deciding what things we wanted, what was to be sold or donated. It’s been exhausting to say the least. The stress of this process is one I don’t care to repeat. I recall sitting back saying to Ian, “So, this is what it all comes down to? Who gets what?”

There’s something about this I decided to share, because it really had me thinking about what’s most important to me. When my life comes to an end, will my belongings be ransacked? What do I hold most dear that I hope my kids will cherish one day?

I came to this conclusion:

My Life, and the people I’ve touched, the Lives I changed. The imprint I put on others; That’s where my treasure is. It’s not locked away in a chest. It’s not up for
“grabs.” It’s my Legacy.

It’s interesting (and no coincidence) that today as I was sorting through my desk, I came across an old quote I had written down during a sermon in 2013 by our pastor in Pennsylvania.

My Soul > My Things

My soul is greater than my things.

What a statement. This is part of the reason I’m devoted to making a big transformation in my life this year. My soul and how I share it are worth more than the current winning lottery numbers.

My soul consists of my personality, lessons learned, traits carried on from generation to generation, things I love, things I desire. My soul is my only true representation of the real me.

The depths of my soul are Courageous. Genuine. Inspiring. Creative. Caring.

Money can’t buy those things. And it’s all a waste if I just keep it to myself.  My prayer is that God takes these qualities of mine and allows them to shine, empowering me to be a Light in a dark place.

You can do the same, I’m no different than anyone else. No one can do “You” better than YOU. I may have courage, but it may not be like yours. I may be creative, but you could blow me out of the water.

Don’t sell yourself short. Believe in those deep thoughts. Act on those BIG dreams. SHINE A LIGHT on your desires, bring them out of the darkness and let them grow into something life-changing. Let your soul be your Legacy.


What are the depths of your soul?

 What are your deepest desires for your life?

If you took the time to find who you truly are, how would you share the real you?

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